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Meet Nerecina - a movement that welcomes all bodies. 

Nerecina is a size inclusive, made-to-order fashion brand that creates luxurious, customizable and sustainably made formal, bridal, and ready-to-wear fashion. We aim to be the pioneering and go-to luxury fashion brand for inclusivity and sustainability. 


We are here to remind every woman that we are all beautiful and special, no matter what the shape and size of our bodies are. Nerecina wants you to look and feel beautiful in luxury couture fashion pieces that are inclusive of ALL sizes. We believe that all women deserve equal access to luxury couture and fashion that celebrates beauty and body positivity, and at the same time, environment-friendly.


Our designs are unique and trendless. We design clothing that are classic and elegant, with a contemporary edge, flair and burst of color. Our exquisite collections are guaranteed to fill your closet with diversity that will never go out of style. 

We take it upon our hands to revolutionize the fashion industry’s standards, making it inclusive and empowering. We have big shoes to fill, but we are ready to embark on this exciting adventure. So we cordially invite you to join this movement with us, and together, let’s change the standards of fashion for the better!

velvet formalwear for plus size women


Nerecina's goal is to change the way women shop by creating stunning, unique designs in luxurious fabrics, doing away with categories and ideals, and offering customization options for every style we sell— while being socially responsible and promoting body positivity. For any special event, you'll look and feel as amazing as we all should.

The Designer

"I started Nerecina because I want every woman to look and feel beautiful no matter what her size is. My goal is to create size-inclusive dresses that’s luxurious, customizable, and sustainably made."

I’m Jenine, the founder and designer of Nerecina. I am a celebrity tailor, and just after three years working in the fashion industry, I realized that it is more favorable to women who wear a single-digit size. As a woman who is a double-digit size, this does not sit well with me. I rarely see curvy women wearing luxury fashion and couture— even plus size A-list celebrities have a hard time getting designers to dress them! Beauty is not a one-size-fits-all. I believe that any woman, regardless of her size, should have access to luxury fashion and couture— it’s for us, too.


The female population comes in ALL shapes and sizes, but why is it that only a portion of us is represented in the fashion industry? I strongly believe it shouldn’t be like that. That’s why I founded Nerecina in order to fill this gap in the market. I want to use my platform and creativity as a designer to make a lasting impact. It is high time to change the standards in fashion to make it inclusive to all women of all sizes. With Nerecina, every woman can finally experience what it feels like to wear a stunning piece of luxury couture that’s created for her shape and size.  

the designer Jenine Nerecina
plus size satin jumpsuits


At Nerecina, we believe in making clothes that fit your body, while most brands expect your body to fit their clothes.

We create luxury and couture fashion that is accessible for ALL sized women. Women who care about not only what clothing they wear and how they look, but also where it comes from and how it is made. Our mission is to design and create bridal, formal and ready-to-wear fashion that is luxurious, customizable, and sustainably made— without worrying about the size tags. Our couture pieces are made-to-order and ethically produced in Los Angeles. 


Ethically & Sustainably Made

Our goal is to be transparent about how your clothes are made. 

At Nerecina, we want you to be aware of the steps and intricacies your dream luxury couture fashion pieces have to go through before they land on your hands. Each step is meticulously executed, and our process follows rigid standards. 

From designing, patternmaking, cutting, sewing, sampling, and fitting, your gown is handmade from start to finish in Los Angeles, California. Each design  is made-to-order and comes with a Fit Guarantee to flatter and fit your body perfectly. The secret to our beautiful pieces is sustainable production in the USA, and the fact that we only pick and use high quality fabrics for our masterpieces.

When you choose your favorite dress from our website and place an order, we take your measurements virtually, design the dress according to your measurements, cut the fabric, and then our seamstresses sew the gown of your dreams before it's shipped to your doorstep.

Our process not only ensures that our customers get the best fitting clothes of the finest quality, but our production process doesn't produce excess waste, leaving a negative carbon-footprint with every dress that we manufacture. We care about our world and our backbone is sustainable production. We also source our raw materials from local businesses in Los Angeles.

Our team is here to make sure you only get what you deserve - stunning luxury couture fashion pieces that make a statement, flaunt your curves, and put people and our planet first.

designer Jenine Nerecina

Designer photos courtesy of KEVPRIME
Editorial photos courtesy of JennyRoso Photography
Models: Vanessa Ronquillo and Noelle Venegas

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